Waterslide Decal Application
Our technique for creating waterslide decals is not new. We use the same silkscreen process that was originally used. The application of these decals has also not changed. View our detailed instruction video to the right or the step-by-step visuals below. This process is the same whether applying to an airplane prop or a bike chain guard. If you are still unsure, feel free to contact us. We'd be happy to assist!

Step# 1:
First, make sure the area where you are applying the decal is clean & dry. Now prepare a pan of warm water. When you put the decal in the water, it will want to curl up, but with wet hands, keep it under the water and it will flatten out.
Step# 2:
After about a minute or 2, while still in the pan, try sliding the decal just to the edge of the paper. It will move easy when it is ready to slide off. If it slides easy, leave a portion of the decal off of the papers edge.
Step# 3:
Now remove transfer paper & decal, together, from water and with wet hands, place the decal’s edge on the location where you want it applied. Gently slide the decal into position while slowly pulling the transfer paper away.
Step# 4:
With wet hands, carefully squeegee out any excess water and air bubbles. Massage from center to outer edges. You’ll have time to re-position decal a little before it sets. Let it dry for 24 hours before clear coating over it.