About Nostalgic Reflections
In 1972, Jerry Turner launched Nostalgic Reflections. An ideal source for professional & amateur restoration buffs, collectors and more. Back then Jerry realized there was a shortage of quality parts for vehicles and bikes that had been out of production for decades or even a century.

Since then Jerry has enjoyed helping and meeting people from all over the globe. And since the internet, he has only grown in popularity.

"You want ONE? We make ONE!" That has been his saying since the beginning. Many of our orders are one of a kind. We specialize in the "Hard to Find" or rare items. If you have an original that you want reproduced, you must send us your original part(s) for our inspection. This will tell us how much art work is involved and what materials, thickness, and etch depth is needed for reproduction. Then we'll send you a quote.

Once we receive your project we'll add it to our production run. We often run bike, marine and aviation jobs at the same time. After we receive the preliminary item, the fine tuning now begins. Our craftsmen (and craftswomen) thoroughly clean, polish and paint each piece by hand.

If you provided us with a master, we will return all original items to their owners upon completion or as requested.